What’s this all about?

Music, mainly. 17th and 18th century music, to be precise. This newsletter—I prefer to think of it as a gazette—will consist of essays, criticism, and discussions about not only the music itself, but also the art of interpretation, the historically informed performance (HIP) movement, and related topics. Technical knowledge will be helpful, but absolutely unnecessary. The master theorist with a lazy ear and a dull imagination will, I hope, find more resistance than the sensitive, tasteful amateur.

For now, issues will be sent out fortnightly.

Who am I to be pontificating, you ask? I’m just a musician with an internet connection. I’m a player, not an academic, so everything I say will have a practical bent to it. I’ve played the modern flute professionally for some time now, but since last year I’ve been focused on playing the Baroque flute and studying period performance practice.

This newsletter is partly a way to find other people who care about my kind of musical esoterica, so if that’s you, hit me up! I love to make friends online. And if you enjoy reading this, consider sharing it with a friend; word of mouth is the best way to usurp the algorithm’s tyranny.

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A gazette of Baroque music and culture


Sridhar Bhagavathula

Baroque flute player